Upstairs Art Gallery Now open!

Our Art gallery is now open!  Come and support our local artist by seeing the result of there extraordinary talents.

Currently we have:

Chainsaw Carvings by Steve - these carvings are incredible to view!  Kids just love them and adults are simply amazed by these unique sculptures. Steve is a very talented joiner for his day job, and by night he moonlights as a Sculptor.  His story and portfolio is available for you to read when you stop by.

Melissa Sharplin - Two limited edition landscape prints of Central Otago. We are very fortunate to be sharing her art with you. Melissa is based in Wanaka and is originally from Christchurch.

Pete Prue Photography - Pete has a long history of photography and his skill is undeniable in his exhibition. One not to be missed.

Lorretta Sloan - Felted Wool Macrame. Loretta has been creative. In her early teens she was lucky to begin a career at Ashford Handicrafts, starting afterschool, then full-time – where she worked until her mid-twenties. She learned to spin, weave, felt, dye, and everything to do with textiles. “I was exposed to crafts on a daily basis, and that really was where my journey began.” I will leave it here for Lorretta...she is an amazingly talented, world renowned designer, and I'm sure at some point in the future, we will get the opportunity to see some of her other talents in action. 

Faye Lammers - mixed media Artist. The "Lichfield" series was inspired originally by the artists father's occupation as a financial manager in the textile industry.  Very interesting and a great example of mixed media art. an added bonus...all works on show are available for purchase!

I know...thats fantastic!