Our Store - Shop and Art Gallery

Hi again,

This whole concept started because of my love for our country. I loved to photograph our stunning landscapes.  I purchased my first DSLR many years ago and set about learning how to use it correctly. I enrolled in course after course and my love for photography and our country got deeper.  Daniel, Sam and I headed off every chance we could to explore our country. I decided to start selling my landscapes. Surprisingly, they sold well. Then one day, walking down this beautiful little street, a for lease sign grabbed our attention. We decided to add to the range and sell handcrafted products, designer fashions - all handmade to showcase that New Zealanders do have unique talents, and that our visitors can find products that can't or won't be copied on a large scale. And that they are taking home a piece of New Zealand, that no one else will have.  Its theirs and theirs alone to enjoy.... 

If you are about on Saturday, pop in and see our Art Gallery, now open. More on the Artists coming soon. Have a nice weekend.

Rachelle at Heart and Soul Gallery