Glass by Roxtar Glass Art


This week we have seen the arrive of our glass products from the lovely Vanja at Roxtar Glass. These products will be available through our website later this week.

What a week we have seen! The trams have increased their running times to later in the day now as the days are getting longer and the weather becoming warmer as summer approaches.

We are looking forward to our new cinema complex opening next week, just in time for the school holidays.  Our new library not long after.  Exciting times ahead for our little city.  

Today our city put on free buses for everyone!  How wickedly cool is that!  Town was alive with people and we also have the Extravaganza Fair happening in Manchester St and also a concert tonight. We have been treated to the band warming up all afternoon - they sound awesome! 

On that note, I hope your weekend is just as awesome as here in the city centre!