Koromiko Creations - Sandra Staples

Living in Diamond Harbour, after retiring, I decided to purchase an industrial sewing machine to help fill my days doing something I just love!  Creating has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  So now I happily sit in my sewing room, listening to music making my Koromiko Creations.  I do have a lot of help and advice from Lily and Twinks the teenage cats and a solid base of friends who are my review panel. With the tranquillity and peaceful serenity our little bay has to offer...what more can I ask  for when it comes to inspiration and sense or purpose? My husband and I collect the materials we need to make our "Save the Planet" bags, then I set to work  can so Heart and Soul Gallery can bring them to you. Thank you for helping us reduce landfill waste by purchasing our bags.  The more we sell, the more we save and the more we can do for our environment. Many thanks, Sandra.